Onward to Missional: “Sentness” in a Post Christian World | EFCA Leadership Conference

For those of you connected with the EFCA, I’d love to meet you at the National Conference at a workshop I’m helping to lead.

Onward to Missional: “Sentness” in a Post Christian World | EFCA Leadership Conference

Welcome To My New Blog

Today’s the start of something small but also something I hope will grow. I’ve started a blog. Finally!  Nothing like being 10 years behind the times, right?  Thanks to those of you who have encouraged me to do this for years now. 

There is much talk these days about being missional and much of that talk is task oriented.  I believe that true missional living, every believer a missionary, is the fruit of the Gospel.  As an apple tree always produces apples, the Gospel always produces missional “sentness.”  At a retreat with some friends we stated it like this…

The default posture of every believer is one of ‘sentness.’  If you lack ‘sentness,’ you lack Jesus.

Hopefully the words, pictures, and videos posted here will be an encouragement to God’s Church and further the mission of Christ and His Kingdom—all to the glory of God.