Why ‘Sentness’ is Needed

These stats are taken from a friend’s Ph.D dissertation:

34% of the U.S. adult population has not attended any type of church service during the past 6 months

6 out of 10 unchurched people consider themselves to be Christian

1 out of every 3 is unchurched (73 million adults)

Since 1991, the adult population in the US has grown by 15%, and during the same period the number of adults who do not attend church has nearly doubled (39 million to 75 million)

Roughly half of all churches in America didn’t add one new person through conversion growth last year

Without a major shift in the way we ‘do church’ this trend will only continue. If we continue to wait for people to come to us in order to hear the Good News, within the next twenty years we will be a country with a Christian residue only. Live sent!

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